About Us

Our Vision

“Right people for the right job!”

Omniworks is passionate about giving you your dream house, whether that be renovating your home to match your vision or building from the ground up.

We are transforming the home repair and construction industry by continually providing professional, reliable, efficient and cost-effective services for YOUR home. Our wide breadth of services include, but are not limited to, kitchen & bathroom remodeling, extensive landscaping services, fencing, exterior work and custom built homes. Anything you can dream of, we can achieve.

We serve homeowners who need repair, renovation and remodeling services at a reasonable price with top-tier workmanship. Our team of expertly trained craftsmen are ready to help with projects big or small: if you need something repaired, installed, maintained or built, we have you covered. Our team is committed to interpreting your needs, vision and style to provide an end to end, tailored experience that will help you create “Your home. Your way.”

One stop shop for all services.

How It Works

You say it, we’ll do it!

Hiring a service is very trouble-free for you. Here’s what you can expect when you hire us.


Scheduling an Appointment

Scheduling with Omniworks is effortless and simple. Just one simple phone call hires a seasoned professional who will care for your home like you deserve. You can schedule today by clicking Contact Us. If you prefer an estimate, in most cases we can provide a general price estimate over the phone.



The technicians at Omniworks will arrive at the scheduled appointment time with the appropriate tools and supplies required for their work. You will be assigned a technician skilled and trained in the work to be done. Your technician will review the job with you to confirm the length of time needed and the price to complete the job and then start working on your project.


The Work

We will perform the work within the required time frame and comply with all the building codes. In terms of the materials required for the job, it will be purchased by our team or we are also flexible working with the materials you provide us.



Payment will be determined based on the mutual contract made between you and Omniworks. For large projects payments will be made at specific intervals as per the contract and an advance will be required.